mercredi 18 juillet 2007

I am not a Tourist Attraction - SOS Morocco

Say No to Child Sex Tourism in Morocco

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SOS Morocco: Naissance d’une asso contre le tourisme sexuel des enfants marocains

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Amineh Ayyad a dit…

Hi Mohamed. Greetings from Seattle. A friend of mine is Moroccan and lives in WA, D.C. She is interested in joining teams to work against sex tourism of children in Morocco. I passed on the link to your blog to her, so hope she will contact. Her name is Ilham.

Property in Morocco a dit…

Hello Mohamed.
Very pity but sex tourism of children is really exists.
I would like government to take under control such a big problem.
Mohamed, i hope you and your team will get success in working with this problem.


Naji El Ali